Quality through Technology

We believe when you use superior building components you can build a better home. Some companies like to rest on their laurels and stick with the same process for years. We continue to improve our process through new technologies in software and equipment. With these advancements we are able to achieve a higher standard in quality and accuracy in our product.

Face the Unknown

Building projects often times have unforeseen complications. Something breaks, snaps, or cracks and you don’t have the time to figure out how to fix it. At InteFrame, we will keep your project on schedule by supplying you with repair engineering so you can fix the issue. Face the unknown with the peace of mind that only InteFrame can offer.

Waste Not

We use the most advanced software and equipment to bring waste to astonishing low levels. From the design stage we choose the right lengths of wood to optimize each truss to ensure less waste. Our sophisticated saws use every last inch of material. And not only is it great for the environment, but the savings pass on to you.

We Succeed When you Succeed 

Sometimes everything wants you to slow down; the weather, permits, breakdowns, etc. We want to speed up your project by solving problems instead of creating them. Our expert design staff often fix issues at the design stage, long before we build your first truss. Even when the trusses are on the job-site, if there's an issue, InteFrame is here to help.