InteFrame is an employee owned company that designs and manufactures high quality roof and floor trusses. Our engineering team offers a variety of services from plan design to truss repairs.  We work with our customers as early as the design stage to help insure that they build the best structure possible while providing them building components that meet or exceed their requirements.

Our Story

In 2009, InteFrame was created by the joining of two former truss companies. Together they combined the best parts of their processes and became what is now known as InteFrame. Coupled with over 30 years of experience and the ambition to be more than just your average supplier, InteFrame is now the largest truss supplier in Idaho. We continue to expand and improve upon the strong foundations of our past while always staying focused on the future.

Our commitment to quality has always been at the foundation of our values. We prove this by constantly improving our process with advanced equipment, upgraded software, and better management practices resulting in a superior product. We have a passion for delivering the best to our customers. This passion drives us to never be content with the status quo. We look forward to working with you.